Epic Games buys a compression company


Epic Games, yes, the people that make fort**** and Epic Games Store, they’ve just bought a company called RAD. There’s no information on how much they paid, but I doubt it was cheap.

So what is RAD? They make various tools, but the main ones do compression. Like zip and MP4. Why bother buying a company that just does compression? Well it shows just how important compression is for computer games which have to have really high speeds to keep up with gamers – you wouldn’t want to wait even 5 seconds for a cut scene to load.

In GCSE and A-Level we look at compression, this company demonstrates how critical both lossy and lossless compression are for games to minimize space, minimize bandwidth usage, and do so at incredible speeds as modern games demand.

If you’re not doing GCSE or A-Level…then yeah, it’s pretty boring.

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