Epic Games buys a compression company

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https://www.polygon.com/platform/amp/2021/1/7/22219284/epic-games-acquires-rad-game-tools-announcement Epic Games, yes, the people that make fort**** and Epic Games Store, they’ve just bought a company called RAD. There’s no information on how much they paid, but I doubt it was cheap. So what is RAD? They make various tools, but the main ones do compression. Like zip and MP4. Why bother buying ….  Read More

Network Layers

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https://medium.com/@james_aka_yale/the-4-layer-internet-model-network-engineers-need-to-know-e78432614a4f GCSE students (and A-Level students) will be familiar with the network stack…well…they’ll know it’s something they should know. It is however something which people are often fuzzy on. This article explains it nicely and talks about TCP and UDP and how it fits within the stack. Don’t worry about the OSI model, that’s something ….  Read More


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https://youtu.be/WaNLJf8xzC4 This is a good graphical and easy to understand look at the sort algorithms. Unfortunately it doesn’t include merge sort which is on most exam specs. One nice thing about it is the real scenario, and also that it gives real world time calculations. It covers: Bubble sort Insertion sort Quick sort