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Learning Python

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A nice video playlist on learning to program with Python. It takes it from the start, so if you’re struggling in KS4 or want to learn more before the GCSE, then it’s a good series. Let me know if you have any other good tutorials that you found useful. There is also several other links ….  Read More

Who Invented the Keyboard and is the Dvorak Really Better than the QWERTY?

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If you’ve done lesson 6 of the understanding computers module in year 8, you may have seen the history of the computer include the typewriter which is where the weird order of letters on your current keyboard comes from. If you’ve wondered why they’re placed in this weird order or if there’s a better way, ….  Read More

Jahoomas Logic Box

0 commentsA-LevelGCSEKS3KS3Links Caution: Difficulty level – Year 10-year 13 This is one that I find difficult. You really have to think carefully to work your way through the levels. The concept is a very important one, especially for GCSE students. It’s all about solving a challenge, then packaging up that solution and using it to solve ….  Read More

Silent Teacher

0 commentsKS3KS3Links As much as you may want it to be the case, I’m not silent. This website is however. It will give you some code, and ask you to guess what it results in. If you don’t know, guess. Then try to figure out why it gave that result. It will always let you know ….  Read More

Little Dot Adventure

0 commentsKS3KS3Links From the same people that made Compute It, it’s a very similar game, but taken it to the next level. You’ll need to really plan ahead and think through the problem to find the correct solution. Think carefully, trying every combination won’t get you far.

Hacker Puzzle

0 commentsKS3KS3Links This is an excellent site which gives you a whole series of challenges. A couple of students have got to the end, but it’s rare. Are you one of the few that can hack it? Each challenge requires a combination of reasoning, logical thinking, creativity, and research to get to the next page. You ….  Read More