Which Operating System Reigns Supreme?

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https://uk.pcmag.com/mobile-operating-system-2/126707/windows-vs-macos-vs-chrome-os-vs-ubuntu-linux-which-operating-system-reigns-supreme In year 8 we discuss what an operating system is, right where we cover hardware and software and search engines and web browsers. It’s something which comes up frequently on GCSE papers. This article discusses done of the most well known operating systems and what they provide. Most of it feeds in nicely with ….  Read More

Network Layers

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https://medium.com/@james_aka_yale/the-4-layer-internet-model-network-engineers-need-to-know-e78432614a4f GCSE students (and A-Level students) will be familiar with the network stack…well…they’ll know it’s something they should know. It is however something which people are often fuzzy on. This article explains it nicely and talks about TCP and UDP and how it fits within the stack. Don’t worry about the OSI model, that’s something ….  Read More

Wireless hotspots

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https://hackernoon.com/a-hacker-intercepted-your-wifi-traffic-stole-your-contacts-passwords-financial-data-heres-how-4fc0df9ff152 This article goes into some technical details, but it’s a good example of how attacks can be made, in particular pharming attacks. Do not try this at home….actually…that’s the only place you CAN try it, provided you’ve got everyone’s permission. You to a parent> “Can I instruct the link layer to not discard packets ….  Read More